Baby games for one year olds. App Reviews

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Cute app for preschool aged children. My daughter plays it all the time and I'm glad that she is learning something!


Most of the features listed are locked and you have to pay if you wanna play them. Not wasting my time and money.

Could be better.

I don't have time for this!


My son loves it, just wish more games were unlocked

Little ones fun

We love the colorful game that resembles a real toy.



Toddler Game

My twins, age 3, enjoy this game.


Love it!! Only wish more was unlocked.

Great App

I love this app and so does my Grand daughter!



Great app for kids

My child loves this app.

Disappointed in all the locked games

I really think this will be fun. I think the items that are unlocked are lower than my child (2 yo) and she will get bored. This may not be for us if we can't get the harder ones unlocked.

Nice game

4 stars

Great app

Great app my son will be hooked


The baby likes it...

Good game

Good game and gets the job done, just turn on guided access and let them have at it.

Great 4 learning

Kids love it


So cute great app


Finally an app my son can use! He is 5, severely autistic and needs something very simple. This is perfect. Thank you


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5 stars

My nephew loves this game

It's ok so far

Idk yet

Age range?

Seems like it is meant for older kids

Not bad

A rooster and hen are also chickens though

Baby games for one year olds

Good learning tool to have


Could definitely be better

Good app so far

My 16 mo gbaby is enjoying it

This app is great for toddlers

We love it

Just downloaded

Just downloaded, not much free, have to purchase everything.

It's hard for young children

It's hard for my two year old brother to use this app

Decent game

Pretty good for toddlers. Too advanced for babies.

Good app

This is. Really good app my cousin using it and she learns really 😊 I am proud of her 💙💙💙😘👍🏽👍🏽

Baby games

Very good



Tiny Might!

Small app jam packed with fun. My 2 year old loves it.

It's ok

It's ok




I like it so far


It's ok

Cute ap

Cute app for on a long ride to keep toddlers busy and learn something too.



Thumbs up

Good app

Good starter

Great way to start your little ones.



She likes it

She likes it

Not interactive

Not good


Fun and easy for my 18 month old

Okay for babies

Alright game for your toddler good to keep them entertained for a few minutes at a time

Little one seems to enjoy

Pros: We've only had it for a bit but my gbaby seems to enjoy the parts she can play. Cons: 1.) the buttons are TINY. 2.) The locked and unlocked games are right next to each other AND there are FAR more of the locked ones. Seeing as how the 'locks' are microscopic, it's easy for a toddler to get frustrated QUICK. 3.) I don't like to be 'forced' to write a review to open a section. For heaven's sake, it's a THIRD section, out of how many?? Have a heart. It's for KIDS, you know??

So much fun!

My grand daughter loves this app! Highly recommend to all