Baby games for one year olds. App Reviews

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Great game


Really good for babies to learn



Fun app

Fun app, keeps the kids Entertained.


Good for babies



Baby Games App

My daughter loves it.

It’s not all free.

You have to pay for more games.



My little one loves it!

Super cute and educational!

Good learning tool!

Nice and easy to navigate.


Good game


This game is creepy and not for the age it recomends


I mean there aren't that many cool things to do for free and my baby wants the ball option she is so tired of waiting to get stuff she says

Great app!

This is a cute app.. A little advanced for young ones but still recommend

4 yr old loves

He thinks this is so cool- loves that it looks like momma computer

Hi c.

Good game


For a free app, it is decent. I wouldn't pay to add the rest of the games. Abby is creepy.


This is a good app for a parent to sit and work with their toddler to help the child learn.

Fun app especially animal cards

Our favorite is the animal cards! Wish there weren't so many purchase only options.

Good app

Good for toddlers

Awesome app!

I downloaded this app on my iPad to be used by my 9 month old granddaughter. She and I worked together on the app while traveling around New Zealand for a month in the backseat of our rental car. It was engaging and educational. Thank you so very much!

Fun and Educational

My grandson loves to press the keys on "his" laptop

Great for a free app

My 2 year old loves it

We like it

Good app and useful


My daughter is 2 and loves this game,!

Not bad

My two year old likes it, keeps him busy for a few minutes



Wish there was a bit more with the free version

This is a good learning app for kids and my daughter seems to enjoy it. I just wish there was a bit more available on the free version. I can't justify spending money on an app that my daughter will more than likely only use a handful of times.




My granddaughter loves it.

Very educational

Very good for our grandchildren! They enjoy the farm animals!

Ratings are bs

We just stared and are forced to rate. Otherwise all want 2.99

So Far so good

Its alright so far. Im letting my 1 year Old try it before deciding to unlock the other games. Its disapointing that you are strong armed into writing a review right away. Thats why they are only getting 3 stars.


Cute app for preschool aged children. My daughter plays it all the time and I'm glad that she is learning something!


Most of the features listed are locked and you have to pay if you wanna play them. Not wasting my time and money.

Could be better.

I don't have time for this!


My son loves it, just wish more games were unlocked

Little ones fun

We love the colorful game that resembles a real toy.



Toddler Game

My twins, age 3, enjoy this game.


Love it!! Only wish more was unlocked.

Great App

I love this app and so does my Grand daughter!



Great app for kids

My child loves this app.

Disappointed in all the locked games

I really think this will be fun. I think the items that are unlocked are lower than my child (2 yo) and she will get bored. This may not be for us if we can't get the harder ones unlocked.

Nice game

4 stars

Great app

Great app my son will be hooked


The baby likes it...

Good game

Good game and gets the job done, just turn on guided access and let them have at it.