Baby games for one year olds. App Reviews

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Good app

This is. Really good app my cousin using it and she learns really 😊 I am proud of her 💙💙💙😘👍🏽👍🏽

Baby games

Very good



Tiny Might!

Small app jam packed with fun. My 2 year old loves it.

It's ok

It's ok




I like it so far


It's ok

Cute ap

Cute app for on a long ride to keep toddlers busy and learn something too.



Thumbs up

Good app

Good starter

Great way to start your little ones.



She likes it

She likes it

Not interactive

Not good


Fun and easy for my 18 month old

Okay for babies

Alright game for your toddler good to keep them entertained for a few minutes at a time

Little one seems to enjoy

Pros: We've only had it for a bit but my gbaby seems to enjoy the parts she can play. Cons: 1.) the buttons are TINY. 2.) The locked and unlocked games are right next to each other AND there are FAR more of the locked ones. Seeing as how the 'locks' are microscopic, it's easy for a toddler to get frustrated QUICK. 3.) I don't like to be 'forced' to write a review to open a section. For heaven's sake, it's a THIRD section, out of how many?? Have a heart. It's for KIDS, you know??

So much fun!

My grand daughter loves this app! Highly recommend to all


My daughter loves this app.


My daughter enjoys it so far. Just got it. I'll se how ti goes

Fun app



So cute!


Nice games

Great game

My toddler loves it!

Ch flint

Not suitable for a 1 year old baby

Great App

Toddler friendly!

Cute but needs improvement

Very cute games. Need improve on the layout since is too small for the little ones.

Amazing learning fun

My granddaughter is 19 months and just loves the interactive learning this app provides her. I would recommend to anyone looking for a way for their kids to learn while making it fun.

App not ready for babies or young toddlers!

I don't know what the designers and programmers of this app were thinking. How could they make an app designed for babies and toddlers, that cannot accept more than one area of the screen pressed at a time (because almost certainly, the babies and toddlers will grip the screen with one hand [balance/support themselves] while trying to press a button using a finger on the other hand, or will accidentally touch an adjacent part of the screen with a hand that's trying to press a button), and also making no provision for a button to work, if a finger is SLID off the button, instead of crisply lifting it. Because that's EXACTLY how babies and toddlers touch things. The button targets are also very small, for learning/developing fingers. It makes this app nearly useless, and upsetting to the parent, watching their child attempt 20 presses in a row, rendering zero results. Please implement multitouch (so that the app isn't held hostage to a finger touching the screen on the side somewhere), smart zones that ignore errant presses around the button target, make the targets larger, and make buttons work even if the finger is slid off of the target. And give me my money back, until you do.

Great plane game

Use it all the time for the plane. Love it

Baby loves it

Love it




Very easy

Nice app

My kid love it

Awesome game

Amazing game grand daughter lives it.


My 1 year old loves it! Very educational.

Fun for toddler

Toddler loves this app!!


My little bro loves it❗️




Great game for toddlers

Love it

Amazing for my nephew


3yr old loves it!




Just downloaded this. Not sure if I like it yet. But it asked to write a review. So far it's cute. But that's all I can say for now .

Not enough unlocked

You have write a review to unlock a game


My 1 year old loves to interact with the animal flashcards.

Tons of Funz

My chillerns luvz this sooper funz lurnin laptop fer kids

Good for 2 year old

My 2 years old loves this game. The only complaint is the music gets old after a little while - but she certainly doesn't mind!

Not perfect but good enough

If you need a free baby distraction for a few min this works. It's not pretty but I'm sure your kid doesn't care.